Shelf life

• natural preservatives,

• nisin and combinations with nisin.,

• emulsions for surface treatment of cheeses and sausages

• natural antioxidants

• synthetic antioxidants

• liquid and powder, oil and water soluble

At Sidorenko Ingredients we focus on natural solutions.


Functional ingredients

• Plant fibers (cellulose, bamboo, oat, sugar cane, potato, pea…)

• Soluble and insoluble fiber

• Textured proteins from peas, beans, oats, etc.

• Protein isolates and concentrates – pea, soy, chickpea, tomato, etc.


Stability and Texture

Stabilizers are products based on hydrocolloids, starches and emulsifiers.

The advantage of using multi-ingredient systems/mixtures is their synergism and complex effect.

Their main function is:

• create and improve the structure, consistency and of foods,
• retention of excess moisture and retention throughout the shelf life;
• improve taste perception in the mouth for density and richness of taste
• to create a permanent emulsion and prevent the products from delaminating
• improve food resistance to thermal loads and changes in the pH of the environment.

Sidorenko Ingredients has extensive experience and reliable partners in finding correct and lasting solutions to problems related to product stability.


Taste improvement

Magnasweet – masking agent based on glycyrrhizic acid extracted from licorice.
• masks and models unpleasant tastes – bitter, astringent, hot, sour
• eliminates unpleasant and unwanted aftertastes – metallic, medicinal, rancid, etc.
• enhancing and prolonging the sweetness
• flavor enhancement

The process of finding the right dosage is subtle and delicate. Sidorenko Ingredients has extensive experience and precise solutions for taste problems.


Seasonings and Spice mixtures

• Seasonings and Spice mixtures,
Meat flavors,
mixed vegetables
cheese flavors
combined flavors
liquid flavors of mustard, dill, cheese, butter, etc.

• breading mixes,
• dry and liquid mixes for pickling, etc
• natural versions of all seasoning mixes and sprinkles

Sidorenko Ingredients is a reliable supplier with consistent quality, always up to date with the latest trends.


Flavor and Taste

• Flavors – fruit, vegetable, vanilla, caramel, chocolate – coffee – milk, nuts, alcoholic, combined, etc.

• Fruit and juice powders, fruit concentrates, fruit and herb extracts, tea extracts,

• By Type – Liquid Flavors and Powder Flavors, Granular Flavors, Emulsions, Fruit Bases, Oil Soluble Flavors, Water Soluble Flavors

• Flavors and natural flavors.

Sidorenko Ingredients will offer you the right flavor for your product that matches your raw materials, is consistent with your production capabilities, and is DELICIOUS.